Our aesthetic programs are designed to help start your own business, or to add services to your pre-existing business. We offer private one on one training, group training as well as hands on training. Every course includes student support, so that once you have finished your training, you aren't left to figure things out on your own. We guide you every step of the way. We also include basic starter kits and a basic business starter package.

The Art of Contour


Our body contour classes contain theory work, as well as hands on practice. Prior to hands on, we will go through proper appointment consultations, as well as waiver forms. To advance to hands on practice, you must demonstrate proper understanding of what each therapy is, and what is does. 

These courses do not come with machines in the starter kit, but you are able to update your starter kit to a practice kit, or a ready to go kit. Prices of kits will be available upon registration.

Vacuum Massage Therapy $1400 | 6hrs

In this course you will learn how to manipulate fat cells to enhance an area of the body, reduce fat cells and lymphatic drainage. Some things that this therapy is good for, are enhancing the buttocks, reducing cellulite and lymphatic drainage.

Ultrasound Therapy $1700 | 5hrs

In this course you will learn how to shrink and reduce fat cells, as well as how to tighten the skin using radio frequency. This therapy works amazing for taking inches off as well as reducing sagging skin and reducing wrinkles/fine lines on the face.

Maderotherapia $1000 | 3hrs

In this course you will learn how to shape the body and tone the body using wooden tools. This therapy not only works well to add definition to the body, but for lymphatic drainage.

Full Course $3000 | 3 days of 5-6hrs each

In this course you will learn all the above mentioned therapies, along with additional treatments you can add to help contour your clients body, to help them achieve their desired body goals.