We are a group of women, so are interested and committed to helping other women get started in their careers.


At least 4 times a year, we will be mentoring a young woman in any one of our courses. The option of the course will be completely up to her. She will not only learn how to provide services to her clients, but she will also learn business skills to acquire new clients and to build her business.


Every semester we give a young woman, either a university or college student a grant of $1000; to help pay for tuition, or for school supplies, or living expenses. This grant is given out 3 times a year - January, April & September.


We allow our students to work in our location, as a temporary employee, during the first three months after they've finished their course. This will allow the student to be near their instructor, to get extra advice and help, until they are comfortable enough to be on their own and start their own business.