We are a group of women, so are interested and committed to helping other women get started in their careers.


Our mentorship program will fully fund at least 4 young women per year, to help get them started in their beauty career. This program is designed to help those of which who not only want to help other women look and feel their best; but also those who contribute to helping women on a daily basis.

This program teaches the required skills to provide services to clients, as well as the necessary business skills needed to ensure success. Supplies will be provided for up to 50 clients, as well as starter equipment and machines. These machines and equipment are not designed to be used long term, just to merely help get a foot in the door, and get the ball rolling.


  • explain why you have chosen your selected course

  • a paragraph of what have you have done in the past 3-6 months to help another woman

  • why we should choose you to be apart of this program

  • how you plan to give back to other women


  • low income family (most recent notice of assessment)

  • government issued photo identification

  • must complete 20 hours of volunteer work

  • 2 references (non family member)


  • submit email to academy@luxeparadise.ca

  • include your full name and number to contact you

  • include all qualifying information

Students will be selected per each quieter of the year. Application deadlines are as follows:

  • First Quarter: March 24th (Chosen individual will be contacted March 31st)

  • Second Quarter: June 23rd (Chosen individual will be contacted June 30th)

  • Third Quarter: September 23rd (Chosen individual will be contacted September 30th)

  • Forth Quarter: December 24th (Chosen individual will be contacted December 31st)