We are a group of women, so are interested and committed to helping other women get started in their careers.


We understand how hard it could be to start your own business. This program will not only give you the time you need to learn and perfect your new skills, it will also help you build up skills needed to run your own business. 

During this internship, you will be able to work side by side with your instructor for 3 months. You will be expected to get your own clients, but you will be able to book them in, in our location, as well as use our supplies and equipment. You will be earn 70% of each of your clients. Having your instructor near by will enable you to get any extra help. 

You will be given weekly one on one time with one of our marketing staff members. You will have at least 30 minutes, and during this time you can ask for advice or help to build your business.

Being an intern with Luxe Paradise, also means you will receive a business marketing start up kit. This kit will contain 100 business cards, logo for your business, as well as a website. Once you complete your 3 months internship, you will also receive a private 1:1 training course. You will also receive an upgraded service starter kit, which will enable you to do at least 50 clients.


  • complete one of our courses with a grade level of at least 75%

  • must have their business name registered

  • career exploration map

  • must not have full time employment elsewhere